The following list has been revised in order to incorporate into it the haplotypes that have been determined to date by mtDNA testing of descendants, as well as an indication of those women for whom it is known that there would be no female-line descendants living. In the following, the latter situation is marked with "nflp" for "no female-line posterity."

This list is not intended to be exhaustive, but has only been compiled to give a general idea of how small a number of women became forebears of the Acadian people, while at the same time showing for which of these women mtDNA test results either have been obtained to date, or may be hoped to be obtained in the future. Unfortunately, a dozen women on this list are believed to have no female-line posterity (nflp), so no such results may be expected for them.

Updated May 2020

1. AIMEE, Jeanne (m1 v 1685 Julien Aubois dit Saint-Julien; m2 1719 Julien Guyon dit Saint-Julien).
2. ARNAULT, Marie (m1 v 1688 Jacques Carne; m2 1729 Martin Lejeune dit Briard).
3. AUBOIS, Marie (Christine) (m v 1686 Jean Roy dit Laliberte). A2-C64T
4. AUCOIN, Jeanne (m v 1647 Francois Girouard) H
5. AUCOIN, Michelle (m v 1641 Michel Boudrot) H
6. BAJOLET, Barbe (m1 v 1629 Isaac Pesseley; m2 1647 Martin Lefebvre de Montespy; m3 1654 Savinien de Courpon) X2b7
7. BARTINEAU dit PELTIER, Louise (m v 1684 Louis Saulnier). H1aa
8. BASILE, Perrine (m v 1685 Andre Celestin dit Bellemere).
9. BAYON, Rose (m v 1649 Pierre Comeau) J*
10. BERNON, Anne (m v 1693 Pierre Lavergne). T2
11. BERTEAU (BERTRAND), Cecile (m v 1703 Jean Denis).
12. BILLOT, Genevieve (m 1670 Jean Denis) nflp
13. BISSOT, Marie (m1 1682 Claude Porlier; m2 1691 Jacques Gourdeau) nflp
14. BOILEAU, Marguerite (m v 1663 Jean Serreau de Saint-Aubin).
15. BOURG, Perrine (m1 v 1640 Simon Pelletret; m2 v 1645 Rene Landry l'aine) H14b1
16. BOURGET, Francoise (m 1714 Jean Doucet) nflp
17. BREAU, Renee (m v 1644 Vincent Brun) H13a1a4
18. BRUNET, Marie (m 1710 Nicolas Pugnant dit Destouches).
19. BUGARET, Catherine (m1 v 1658 Claude Petitpas; m2 v 1692 Charles Chevalier dit LaTourasse) H1c3b
20. CANOL, Marie-Anne (m v 1671 Jean Doiron) W3a1
21. CAPLAN, Catherine (m v 1730 Pierre Huard). C1c
22. CAPLAN, Madeleine (m v 1740 Olivier Michel) nflp
23. CAPLAN, Marguerite (m v 1719 Francois Laroque) C1c
24. CAPLAN, Marie-Louise (m1 v 1729 Francois Hyard dit Saint-Louis; m2 v 1740 Claude-Louis Lalande dit Saint-Louis) C1c
25. CHAUSSEGROS, Marie (m v 1672 Martin Benoit). K1c1d
26. CHEBRAT, Jeanne (m1 v 1647 Jean Poirier; m2 v 1654 Antoine Gougeon). HV4a1a4
27. COLLESON, Nicole (m v 1652 Jean Gaudet) nflp
28. CORBINEAU, Francoise (m 1627 Guillaume Trahan) H1ag1
29. (D'AMOURS) de CHAUFFOURS, Louise (m v 1703 Jean Auger).
30. DOUCET, ------ (m v 1650 Pierre Lejeune dit Briard) nflp
31. DOUCET, Marguerite (m v 1647 Abraham Dugas) T2b7a2
32. DUGARD, Marie-Antoinette (m 1692 Pierre de Saint-Vincent).
33. FOREST, Genevieve (m1 v 1689 Francois Savary; m2 v 1692 Louis Mazerolle).
34. GAUDET, Francoise (m1 v 1644 ------ Mercier; m2 v 1650 Daniel LeBlanc) J1b2
35. GAUDET, Marie (m1 v 1650 Etienne Hebert; m2 v 1676 Dominique Gareau) J1b2
36. GAUTHIER, Martine (m v 1645 Denis Gaudet). J1b1a1
37. GAUTROT, Anne (m v 1688 Joseph Pretieux).
38. GUYON, Andree (m1 v 1644 ------ Bernard; m2 v 1651 Antoine Belliveau) T2c1d-T152C!
39. GUYON, Louise (m1 1684 Charles Thibault; m2 1686 Mathieu D'Amours de Freneuse) nflp
40. HELIE, Madeleine (m v 1649 Philippe Mius d'Entremont) J*
41. HENRY, Jeanne (m v 1680 Jean Gaudet). X2a2
42. HOUSSEAU, Marguerite (m 1670 Jean Meunier).
43. JAROUSELLE, Susanne (m1 1655 Simon Lereau; m2 1671 Robert Cottard).
44. JEANNE, Andree-Angelique (m 1690 Gabriel Godin dit Bellefontaine).
45. JEAN dit MADELON, Isabelle-Madeleine (m v 1709 Martin Giboire Duverge dit LaMotte).
46. JOSEPH, Cecile (m 1 v1694 Etienne Rivet; m 2 v 1708 Martin Corporon) A2f1a
47. JOSEPH, Edmee (m v 1696 Charles Chauvet dit LaGerne A2f1a
48. JUDIC, Madeleine (m v 1660 Jean Huret dit Rochefort) nflp
49. KAGIGCONIAC, Jeanne (m v 1684 Martin Lejeune).
50. LAMBERT, Radegonde (m v 1642 Jean Blanchard X2b4
51. LANDRY, Antoinette (m v 1642 Antoine Bourg). H3a1
52. LAVACHE, Anne (m v 1712 Louis Labauve).
53. LEFRANC, Genevieve (m v 1648 Antoine Hebert) W1-T119C
54. LEJEUNE, Catherine (m v 1651 Francois Savoie) U6a7a1a
55. LEJEUNE, Edmee (m v 1644 Francois Gautrot) U6a7a1a
56. LEJEUNE, Jeanne (m v 1673 Francois Joseph)
57. LEJEUNE, Marie-Josephe (m v 1689 Pierre Cellier dit Normand) nflp
58. MARTIN, Marie-Madeleine (c 1683 Guyon Chiasson and 2 c 1693 Michel Deveau dit Dauphine). H3-T16311C!
59. MICHEL, Jacquette (m1 1660 Jean Gardin and 2 23 October 1668 Andre Mignier dit Lagasse) T1a1
60. MOTIN de REUX, Jeanne (m1 v 1638 Charles de Menou d'Aulnay de Charnisay; m2 1653 Charles de Saint-Etienne de La Tour) H3q
61. NICOLAS, Elisabeth (m v 1646 Amand Lalloue)
62. OUESTNOROUEST dit PETITOUS, Anne (m v 1660 Pierre Martin)
63. PATARABEGO, Anne (m v 1680 Richard Denys de Fronsac)
64. PERAUD, Marie (m v 1635 Robert Cormier) nflp
65. PIDDIWAMISKWA, Marie (m v 1685 Jean-Vincent d'Abbadie de Saint-Castin)
66. RAU, Perrine (m v 1636 Jean Theriot) H4a1
67. ROUSSELIERE, Jeanne (m1 1654 Pierre Godin dit Chatillon; m2 1686/1693 Pierre Martin) H
68. SAINT-ETIENNE de LA TOUR, Jeanne de (m v 1655 Martin d'Aprendestiguy de Martignon)
69. SOUBIROU, Isabeau dite Judith (m v 1685 Pierre Maisonnat dit Baptiste)
70. TOUPIN, Francoise (m avant 1702 Pierre-Paul de Labat)
71. VIGNEAU, Catherine (m 1630 Pierre Martin) T2f4
72. -------, ------ (m v 1678 Philippe Mius d'Azy) X2a2
73. -------, Anne-Marie (m1 v 1653 ------- Pinet; m2 v 1655 Rene Rimbault) A2f1a
74. -------, Catherine (m1 v 1680 Jean Labarre; m2 v 1691 Etienne Rivet H1u1
75. -------, Marie (m v 1701 Nicolas Denys de Fronsac) nflp
76. -------, Marie (m v 1635 Francois Gautrot) H2a2a1a
77. -------, Marie (m v 1687 Philippe Mius d'Azy)
78. -------, Marie-Therese (m v 1686 Claude Petitpas) B2c
79. -------, Mathilde (m v 1670 Jean-Vincent d'Abbadie de Saint-Castin) A
80. -------, Priscilla (m1 v 1631 Pierre Melanson dit LaVerdure; m2 1680 William Wright) nflp

The Mothers of Acadia mtDNA Project is in need of test results for the following as we have none at this time:

Jeanne Aimee (No. 1), Perrine Basile (No. 8), Anne LaVache (No. 52), and Anne Ouestnorouest (No. 62). More results are needed going back to the following: Anne Bernon (No. 10), Jeanne Lejeune (No. 56) and Marie-Therese (No. 78).

Does your maternal line go back to one of the Mothers for whom an mtDNA test has not yet been done? If so and if you are interested in participating in the mtDNA Proven Origins project at the Acadian Ancestral Home, please contact me at LucieMC at *change the at to @

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